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Greeting of CEO


Dear IntoKOREA tour customers,
We offers the best travel services to the customers anytime, anywhere, and as the strongest supplier
in the travel industry, we will achieve a mutual “win-win” by serving as a successful business partner.

We will be a company that delivers the highest returns to stockholders and the best value to employees.
Established in 2000, has provided overseas tourism under the motto “Have a Dream, Hope,
enjoyment while travel.” Since our establishment we have also been leading the tourism culture
in Korea with “Have a dream, Hope, enjoyment while travel ”as the company motto.

Therefore, in this, its 7th year, with the goal of a second ‘Be honest and trust to customer,
’ we have established some resolutions. We aim to renew and change the CI and the organizational structure.

We aim to develop the versatility and talent of our creative and capable employees by adopting the statement
“create customer value by human resource training and top quality service” as the management philosophy of the company.

And we aim to train our employees as experts in order to provide the best quality and service to suit
the rapidly changing needs of customers, and to pursue the advancement of tour products and tourism culture..